• JULU Pre Order!

    Introducing the new Arizona Bushcraft JULU!



    Introducing the JULU or John’s ULU. This design is modeled after the Alaskan ULU and I am finding this design to be incredibly versatile. This blade is in the process of being manufactured and still has a little time left till I receive the final product. If you are interested in holding your place in line please feel free to pre order by clicking the buy it now button below.

    The steel I am looking at is 1095 HC steel with no handle scales at this point. There will be one hole in the handle for attaching paracord as a lanyard to make it easier to remove from the kydex neck sheath. Production time may be as much as 1 month out by this time. I will keep you informed as this project progresses.


    Production update:

    The JULU is moving right along. I am looking at the 28th of June for the manufacturer to ship the blades over to me. Time is getting closer!


  • Southwest Hunter and Trapper

    Two new knives designed by John Arizona Bushman Campbell and made by Scorpion Knives UK will be available very soon. The Southwest Trapper has a 4 inch CS80 steel blade giving it a 81/2 inch overall length. The Southwest Hunter has a 5 inch CS80 steel blade and is 93/4 inches overall with micarta handles. These blades are a little different than most of the other blades John has designed. The goal of the design was to come up with a blade that could be tough for most outdoor tasks and still be legal for EDC in most areas. Each blade will be 3/16 thick in CS80 carbon tool steel. They have a brush satin finish with micarta scales. These blades are designed to be used for hunting, trapping, survival, bushcraft, or any other outdoor task.

    Jazmin Sheath 4 copy  Southwest Hunter 3  Southwest Trapper 2

    Jazmin with the Southwest Hunter in it’s leather sheath (left) Southwest Hunter (center) Southwest Trapper (right)


  • Update!

    I have made some changes to the Survival in the Southwest book series. I updated the covers and I have done further editing. These are available NOW through Amazon, Kindle, and Createspace. I have also finished another book! I am calling it The Bushmans Guide to Tools and Gear. There are some tips and tricks as well as other information in it as well. Some of the information in the book is available on my website…but that is a little difficult to pack with you into the filed.

    Survival in the Southwest Book Series Cover Changes

    The Survival in the Southwest book series has taken on a bright orange cover scheme along with my logo on the front cover.

    Gear Book Cover copy

    Introducing The Bushmans Guide to Tools and Gear available NOW!. Click here to order! The price for the print on demand copy will be $14.00 and $9.99 on Kindle for the E-book.

  • MOAK Survival Kit Video

    This is the full uncut video that was done on the MOAK survival kit. It is almost 30 minutes long and was very enjoyable to make. I wanted to post this full length on my site so it can be seen. The chopped down version can be found on my YouTube channel. This full length video is an Arizona Bushman exclusive.Please enjoy and thank you for stopping by!