Arizona Bushman’s Top Picks


This section will be a place to add the companies that I feel made the top pick of the year. This is a place that will cover the gear that company made and why I feel it is my top pick for each year. This section will be added to once a year and will be a major highlight on this site. I will also accept nominations for future additions. To submit a nomination please send an email to me via my contact page explaining which company and which piece of equipment you feel should be added to this growing list. When the choice has been made I will do a video review and a full article on the products. in most cases there will be more than one product added per company, like I said it is a company spotlight. So with that being said, who made the cut?

2013 pick goes to TOPS Knives:

Machete Air Wolf Dragonfly

John Tyler Shelter              TOPS Dragonefly with Fish             TOPS Air Wolfe

                 The Machete .230                                                               TOPS Dragonfly 4.5                                                               TOPS Air Wolfe

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Arizona Bushmans Top Pick for 2014 goes to????