For the Love of Knives





This corner of my website will be devoted to knives, nothing but knives. I have given this section of my website to any kind of knife.  Anything from pocket knives like trappers, canoes, congress, and even tactical folders to machetes. This can also include any type of novelty blades as well as movie props. I am a knife collector, my entire life I have had a love for cutlery of all kinds. This is where I am hoping to be able to share these knives with you along with some great knife photos. As time goes on I will add more and more to this area of the site. I hope everyone enjoys it. I thank you for stopping by and understand that some of the blades I may show in this section are not to be used in the field. Some may also be sold only as novelty and this is where my best artistic touch can shine through.

Folders on Fur

                              Schrade Bolo On Hide 2    Schrade Assisted Opener 10     Uncle Henry Tradesman     Minuteman on Fur

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