Old Timer 104OT




Schrade Minuteman On logTalk about nostalgia, this blade takes me back. In fact this is one of the reasons I decided to start “For the Love of Knives” These types of knives you really don’t hear about much anymore. I see them a lot in sporting goods stores and in department stores, however I never really see any one looking at them. I wanted to do my part to bring these back in the outdoor community. I have been using blades like this most of my life, Old Timer was even a household name while growing up. In fact during the time I was in school a knife this size was considered OK to carry with us, mainly because we had classes like Vo Ag and Vo Tech in which knives were needed for several reasons. Unfortunately in today’s world this is not the case and frankly is surprises me that these classes are still around as a result.

The first time I ever picked up a small Minutemen I was working on a farm with a friend of mine. We were using them to cut the bale twine on some hay bales. Its small size seemed perfect for this and many other tasks. Today I find myself using this pocket knife to make all kinds of things while I am cooking outside.

Minuteman on FurWhen using these types of knives the blades do not lock. These were meant for a different kind of person in my opinion. When used for carving and whittling they are perfect companions. Heavier tasks like splitting wood is not really what these are made for. When used within the confines of their design they are perfectly safe. I am sure a lot of you remember our grandfathers having a pocket knife like this, maybe not a lot of the younger guys out there but I know I remember. First time I ever saw a trap made from sticks, it was done with a small pocket knife like this. I have begun carrying this small knife in my pocket everywhere I go. I have even started looking more and more at them while I am in the stores. Frankly this type of blade may be just what I return to using most of all.

This small knife is made of 440c stainless steel. I find that this is very easy to service the edge after hours of use. As small as this little folder is it will fit inside of an Altoids tin or other small container for a survival kit, fishing kit, bushcraft companion, or even as part of a bug out bag.


Saw-cut Delrin handles
2″ main blade
440C stainless steel
2 blades