Schrade SCHA4BG M.A.G.I.C





Schrade Assisted Opener 10This tactical folder is an EDC blade I wanted to try out for sometime. I have seen this blade online several times and the more I saw it the more it seemed to be a good blade. When it comes to every day carry I am pretty picky, that’s to say I am not a folder guy. I prefer to have a fixed blade on me at all times. However these days that cannot always happen. On one occasion I was in a mall up in Prescott Arizona and I was asked to remove my knife. I was carrying my large fixed blade, which I had done hundreds of time before; no one had ever said anything to me until that day. It is at this point I would like to point out that in Arizona the property owner has the legal right to say what can and cannot be brought onto or inside the premises. I had a discussion with the security guard, which was being very professional and was only doing what he was told to do. I`ve been in his position, I was once an armed guard. That being the case I understood that he was only acting according to the policies that he was there to enforce. I asked him what can I carry inside? He replied “you can carry a small knife out of site.” That brings me to another point about Arizona Law. We as residents of this state can now legally carry a “weapon” concealed without a permit; that goes for knives as well as firearms. The catch is if the owner of the business or property has a sign that is posted otherwise we are legally bound to oblige. It can be turned into criminal trespass otherwise. My apologies for calling the tool a ‘weapon.” In accordance with most laws in our country any edged tool is classified as a weapon.

Schrade Assisted OpenerWhen carrying a small blade I find that I now am leaning toward a smaller folder of some kind. This Schrade SCHA4BG M.A.G.I.C. is one that fit the bill right off the bat. M.A.G.I.C. actually refers to the dual patented assisted opening mechanism. I find this to be a very easy to operate one handed knife that I can get to in a hurry. There is a very good locking mechanism on the frame that will keep the blade from accidentally being opened in your pocket. Some have told me they do not like the lock, I see it as being a good safety measure because I have found that accidents can and will happen. I do not have to worry about that with this design. While it is clipped to my pocket, I can remove it and with one fluid motion it can be unlocked and the blade out and ready to go.

I can also see that this blade is good for a defense tool as well. I do not get into teaching or talking about this type of use for a knife, but I will say that in a pinch it will do the job. The rubberized handle along with the textured surface of the folder make this a nonslip grip. There is some jimping on the rear of the thumb ramp that will give grip while holding the blade in a defensive stance. This also helps when using the blade to preform small tasks while in the field like making trap pieces, spoons, containers, and just about anything else you need a good blade for.  The handle itself is comfortable and allows for several different hand configurations while in use. Right out of the box this blade will shave!

Schrade Assisted Opener LeverBack on the operation of this blade. There is a lever at the top of the handle that can be moved back toward the rear of the knife. This will send the blade out very quickly. It is almost an automatic knife, but not quite. The photo at right shows my finger on the lever ready to deploy the blade. A very simple flick of the finger and out the blade comes.

Schrade Assisted Opener Lever 2As I said the blade is very fast and once it pops out it is ready for action. On the spine of the blade I found that the recess gives a great thumb rest for a multitude of cutting chores. I have had this blade for a very short time and it is now my preferred EDC knife. In Home Depot I had asked for help with some AC filters for my air conditioning unit at home. They had to go get their fork lift to get a case down from the top shelf. The fork lift operator had forgot his utility knife in the warehouse so I pulled out the SCHA4BG from my front pocket and cut the carton open. A conversation about the knife started and I let him handle it, He liked it so much he went home and bought one to use while at work. I strongly believe that the price point of this blade is a huge selling point for it. Coming in at less than 40 bucks you cant go wrong for an every day workhorse. Personally I do not see this blade breaking very easily, it is very well constructed with sturdy Allen bolts holding the frame together. I do find that the clip is one sided and cannot be put on the other side. To me this is not an issue I find it fits and works just as well in my left pocket as it does in my right.

Schrade Assisted Opener 6Specifications:
Overall Length: 7.70″
Blade Length: 3.30″
Blade Steel: 4034
Handle Material: Aluminum w/ Steel Liners
Closed Length: 4.40″
Weight: 5.1 oz.

My final thoughts on the Schrade SCHA4BG M.A.G.I.C:

If you are looking for a very good quality EDC folder this is a good place to start. The handle is very comfortable and the blade is razor sharp right out of the box. There are many very comfortable hand positions to allow safe handling of the knife. The pocket clip can not be moved to the other side, I mentioned this earlier in the article; it is not a problem for me. The rubberized grip in the handle along with the textured grip makes for a non slip handle allowing for safe use of the blade with sweaty or wet hands. The locking mechanism makes this a great blade for me. I do not like to have blades accidentally pop open while in my pocket. The lock prevents this mishap from being a worry in the first place. The ease of opening and operation of the assisted opening devise is hands down one of the best I have seen on a folder of this price range. The liner lock I have found keeps the blade safely opened while in use. This is also very simple for folding the blade when finished. So far most folks I have showed this blade to have bought one not only for their survival kits but as an EDC blade as well. As I mentioned earlier the price is right for the high quality you are getting.

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