Uncle Henry 124UH




Uncle Henry TradesmanThis is another folder that says nostalgia. Old Timer, Schrade, and Uncle Henry were all household names while growing up. Most people had a pocket knife of some kind when I was kid. Today is not really that much different, the thing that has changed is the type of knives that are carried. I don’t see anything wrong with the types of blades that are carried but I some of them I question the usability of them. This Stockman from Uncle Henry to me has all the utility I could possible need in a small folder. The blade  is 3.1 inches long and is made from 7cr17 stainless steel. I have found that these are easily sharpened after much use and really seem to hold an edge. This knife is for those that like the older style folders and will function just as well as any other folding knife, in my opinion possible better. It comes in a very nice leather belt sheath and a leather lanyard. The lanyard I twisted much like I was making cordage, this was done mostly for aesthetics, however the loop I left at the end allows me to place it around my wrist while I am using the blade; If I drop it I don’t loose it. From opening packages to making skewers for the BBQ this Stockman is now one of my EDC knives.In future videos I will be featuring these types of knives.

Uncle Henry on Log 3Keep in mind these blades do not lock. Most in today’s world may not understand that these are safe to use. Especially when these are used within the confines of their design. I do not baton with blades like this, that is why I carry a fixed blade on my side. Making traps, carving bait sticks, Fishing components, and even notches for various tools and items this blade preforms perfectly. The staglon handle to me says bushcraft all over it. The Uncle Henry Stockman can fit just about any were inside of any kit. If you prefer not to carry it in its case simply toss it in your pocket or kit and drive on.

The photo at right shows the Stockman with the lanyard attached. SO far my uses of this blade have been a very enjoyable experience. Personally I am pleased I have chosen to start using these types of blades again. Schrade Knives is actually the very first knife company I was introduced to at 7 years of age. The knife I got was given to me by my father as a stocking stuffer. I was a 4 blade folder with black handles. I am till this day looking for one like it.

For the money these types of knives cannot be beat. These are the original knives that carved this country of our. Our fathers, grandfather, and great grandfathers used these very types of blades while fighting in wars, growing food for their families, hunting game, trapping, and even fishing. Literally every aspect of their lives revolved around having a good knife like this one.

Knife Specs:
Weight: 2.5 oz.
Type: Large 1-bladeTradesman, Sheath Knife
Closed Length: 4 inches
Handle Material: Staglon
Blade Edge: plain
Blade Type: 3.1 inch Clip
Blade Material: 7Cr17 High Carbon Stainless Steel
Blade Color: Silver
Leather Sheath included




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  1. Nice review and a really cool ‘old school’ knife that reminds me of one I used to have, too. Made me nostalgic, so I bought one!