Bug Out Bag?


Small Kit with Wool Blanket PonchoThe purpose for this article is not to piss anyone off, but to get the gears turning a little bit more than they are. I see on the internet, people that are building Bug Out Bags that weight in excess of 50 pounds. They are cramming everything into these bags that will fit. One had a bag that weighed over 100 pounds. Adding this to your rifle, ammo, backup side arm, the ammo for it, spare mags, knife, the list goes on is heavy. From my experience that is way too heavy. Personally, I am beginning to feel that people are trying to take the easy way out and make this equipment their lifeline instead of their knowledge.

I’ve spoken with several of these types of people locally and I always get the same response. I don’t need to know how to make replacement arrow because I have spares. I have also heard that they don’t need to learn how to trap because they have a gun. Awesome! Looks like more for me and my family. The thing I am getting at is the gear should be in your vehicle, my truck is my pack mule not my back. If you live in an area that you will not be able to get out using a vehicle, I highly suggest taking the time to learn how to improvise your equipment. You can easily loose 25 to 30 pounds off the weight if this is made a priority.

So, why am I bagging on the weight when the military carries heavy packs? You are not in the military, even if you were at one time you aren’t now. If you are in the military you will be very busy come a SHTF situation. The military work in units. They also have the ability to call support (if they are lucky) among many other things that you will not have in this type of situation. That heavy pack, no matter how much you train with it is going to slow you down, work you harder, and dehydrate you much faster. You will even be burning a lot more calories as a result of humping the gear. I do not care how good of shape you are in or how hard you have trained. You cannot add the amount of stress that your body and mind will be going through should you need to actually use the BOB. It isn’t like television or the movies, running out in hail of gunfire shouting awesome one liners while you are being missed by every bullet and you manage to shoot and kill every hostile in the area. But wait, you get hit by one round. No biggie it’s a through and through to the shoulder. Simply grunt and take the guy out that shot you and move on. Besides, you aint got time to bleed. Yeah, that is the mentality I am seeing and hearing as of late.    

100_9085 copyIn my location the most important thing I can carry is water. Water is heavy, in fact, I would rather be able to carry 40 to 50 pounds worth of water than anything else. I have taken the time to learn how to do things with much less. Primitive skills have been the root of most of my knowledge. I know that once my “survival” gear runs out I HAVE to have something to fall back on. I also see many benefits to this as well. One of which is the amount of camouflage it will offer me. By keeping such a low profile it is easier to stay hidden.

I recently watched a video by someone that is in pretty good shape. They took the bug out bag out for a while and tried to carry it for ten miles. One thing he said caught my attention was F&$@ You! He absolutely had trouble carrying the pack up and down those hills. If something were to happen you would have to carry that weight a lot further than 10 miles.

Honestly, I am yet to make a full fledged plan should something happen. The reason I say this is because there are too many variables when it comes to something that none of us as Americans have ever experienced. We can watch all the videos and television shows about it we want but, in the end no one knows. You cannot even prepare for the worst if you really have no idea what the worst could be.

Most of the speculation is purely romantic, an ideology. I have read articles and watched videos that literally scared the crap out of me. Then I look at the source of the information, usually they don’t have any actual scientific or logical information to back up their hype. They are systematically targeting a certain demographic. The way I have begun to look at it, if its an asteroid, a comet, or even a nuclear war, I don’t think that is a world I would want to continue living in. That is not what I would want for my children. I would rather be under the damned thing. If it is civil unrest, the mark of the beast, 666, or whatever it will be called. All I can say is I will take as many of them with me as I can. Most scenarios you cannot escape and there is no place to hide for very long. Really makes me curious, is shit about to get real?

Saguaro Survival Knife on Saguaro CactusThe point is carrying your bug out bag on your back is going to make you very vulnerable. If your in a city and something happens I really hope you have the ability to see the full 360 degrees around you. When true stress is introduced many people develop tunnel vision, this too can be detrimental. I’m not saying not to carry your packs or even build them. Even I love playing around with the gear whether I am camping or at home. What I am saying is don’t let your bag kill you. Lighten it up and loose the crap that is silly or unnecessary. Take it out and do SEVERAL overnighters. Find out what you really use and what you don’t. Find out what gear to leave back at the cave. I have gone out for a week long trip and never once touched my knife. However, should I need it in a primitive type scenario it sure beats busting rocks for blades.

100_1098I have been so busy studying edible and medicinal plants, primitive and survival skills, locating water, and so on for close to 14 years in the desert alone. I recently looked up and this is the stuff I am seeing after so many years of not paying attention. There are so many videos on these scenarios with Rambo’s spouting off all kinds of rhetoric, and the worse part of it is…people are cheering them on. However, I am glad my readers and friends have a head on their shoulders. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, please let me know your thoughts.