Sabre 631 My First Fixed Blade


This was actually my first fixed blade knife. I remember it pretty well as far as use and that I carried it just about everywhere back in the day. I spoke to my dad about the blade and he remembered when I got it. I thought I was around 14, but he said I was 11. He most likely remembers that better than I do. Holding this blade now, I can almost see the rabbits, squirrels, and fish that we cleaned and ate using this blade. It is a very cheap knife and it really is not constructed very well. I purchased another blade simply because of all the memories that came with it. One memory I have of the blade is when I had to buy a new one.  A close friend chucked it into the creek. We dove and searched for hours and never found it. I was upset and it took several weeks allowance at the time to get a new knife.

Sabre 631 Knife

The Sabre 631 went with me everywhere, except for school of course. On weekend camping trips, fishing trips, and even hunting the blade right there on my side. I found it to be a great hiking companion and a great kitchen knife. Holding it today, I can see I must have had some very small hands. In fact, the handle is so small I will never use this blade again. Instead, I will frame it and hang it on wall with a small plaque saying “My First Fixed Blade Knife.”

I sincerely hope that my Son will have the same respect for his first blade. Although I know he does not have his first folder he does have his fixed blade. I try to teach him that memories are made day by day. Keeping the small things that helped make those memories will keep them alive forever. This is why I am holding on to this blade. It is cheap, poorly constructed, but it is mine and there are stories behind it. The first deer I ever took was dressed and skinned with this knife. My first snapping turtle was cleaned using a Sabre 631. I will pass this knife down to my grandchildren one day.