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Rawhide SherriffRawhide StreetsOnce Winter Count 2016 was completed, I decided to stop by the Rawhide Steakhouse in Chandler Arizona. I had never been there, nor had I ever heard of this place. A local resident we spoke with at Wal-Mart in Maricopa told Mikhail and I about it. We were told they serve rattlesnake and that the food was very good. On that note, we decided to take the plunge and try it for ourselves. We arrived early, just before noon, which is opening time. I was allowed to check out the streets of this reproduced 1800’s style town. As I walked, I took notice of the buildings and type of stores that where there. I also noticed that the employees where dressed in period accurate attire.

I made my way down the main street and came to the Blacksmiths shop. I had arrived just before the forge was lit; however, I was able to take a look at all that Rawhide Blacksmith 3Rawhide Blacksmith 4was there. I was impressed with the hand forged metal items that he had made. The roses seemed to stand out the most, as they seemed so intricately put together. Looking above the counter I saw some hand forged branding irons. Inside a small miniature outhouse was a cowboy made from horseshoes ready to draw down.

Rawhide Candy StoreRawhide Candy Store 2Next, I had to check out the candy shop. It was full of sweets that would rival any supermarket. The attraction for me was the handmade fudge in so many different flavors that the choices boggled my mind.

As noon approached, we made our way to the steakhouse. Inside, the atmosphere was dedicated to the old west. There were many great antiques on the wall such as old shotguns and tools. I asked permission to enter the kitchen to get a shot of the cook grilling the burger I had ordered. Looking around the steakhouse, I admired how comfortable the place was. It had been a while since I had been in a restaurant that offered this kind of relaxed atmosphere.

Rawhide Steakhouse 3Rattlesnake 2So, what did we order? We ordered two orders of rocky mountain oysters, which were deep-fried with a beautiful golden crust. Next, we had the rattlesnake bites. These were a little bland, I am not sure of the method that was used to separate the meat from the bone. However the dipping sauce was absolutely killer, not only with the rattle snake bites; but, with the rocky mountain oysters as well. The fried jalapenos and battered cheese jalapenos that came with the rattlesnake bites were also great. I have had these in many places, but here, they were the best so far. Finally, I had a bacon cheeseburger; medium rare, while Mikhail had the steak; medium rare, with asparagus. Both where fantastic and cooked exactly how we had ordered them, perfectly juicy just the way we liked them.

This really is Arizona’s largest 1880’s western-themed family entertainment venue. My experience there was great and I would recommend this restaurant to anyone, especially if you have an interest in the old west. There is plenty for the entire family to enjoy!

Great food and atmosphere is not all the Rawhide Steakhouse has to offer. There are stunt shows and gunfights in the streets. A mechanical bull for all you want to be rodeo bull riders. The ripsaw, rock climbing wall, old west themed shops, gold panning, photo emporium, live music and reservations for private and corporate events. Check out rawhide.com or call (480) 502-5600. Information is also available at info@rawhide.com.

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                    Rockymountain Oysters Rawhide Entrance

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Rawhide Blacksmith  Rawhide Blacksmith 9  Rawhide Blacksmith 2


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