The Soul Food Shak





Soul Food ShackWhile at Winter Count 2016 Mikhail and I went to locate some lunch. We decided to stop at the Soul Food Shak in Maricopa Az. I have personally stopped at many roadside eateries and have rarely been disappointed. This food vendor has outfitted a dual axle trailer with a shed that he turned into his mobile kitchen.

As I browsed the menu, the fried catfish Po Boy sandwich stood out. It was as if it was calling out to me. Granted we had not eaten much as far as calories are concerned back at camp. This small search for lunch would be one that was well worth the stop.

Once the order was placed, it only took a few minutes to receive the order. It came in a plastic shopping bag with a Styrofoam container lined with aluminum foil. As I opened it, I could smell the aroma of the fried catfish filling the Jeep as we drove down the road. This particular sandwich came nestled on a hamburger bun, had ranch dressing and hot sauce as condiments. I am a fan of mixing ranch with hot sauce so that is exactly what I did here.

The first bite filled my mouth with the best fried catfish I had had in a very long time. The sandwich did not last very long, however the flavor lingered for a bit. For 5 bucks, it was not a bad price to pay for great roadside food. In my opinion the only thing better than a Po Boy sandwich would have been three Po Boy sandwiches. If you are ever in Maricopa Arizona Check this place out!

Po Boy Catfish Sandwich   Po Boy Catfish Sandwich 2


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