New website exclusive video. This is Battlbox Mission 35 (Welcome to the Jungle) 

In this video I am covering mission 35. Feel free to check out the Battlbox website for more info on products as well as information on past missions. In the future, if I receive more boxes, I will post them here on this page as updates. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video, I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to support this page please check out the JULU from Arizona Bushman.


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Months ago, I had read an article about a subscription box service called Battlbox. I was highly intrigued by this concept and I wanted to learn more about it. Therefore, I began digging a little deeper and found that it was an awesome idea. For starters, you have a choice between a basic box all the way to the pro plus. These range from $24.99 a month to $149.99 a month depending on the package you choose. From there you will receive your Battlbox every month.

I became more and more curious about the contents of the box, so I reached out to the company to see if I could try one out and do some videos as well as an article for my sites. They generously agreed and sent me the December box to sample. Once I received the package from my local post office, I was surprised at the size and weight. This thing was massive! I immediately went to field and did the un-boxing video. I had no idea what was inside the box other than a general idea of past contents. I did not do any further research, and asked no more questions. I wanted the video to be a total surprise as to the contents inside that giant white box.

As I cut, the tape to unseal the box there was a canvass pack on top. I removed it from the plastic and examined the materials and how it was put together. For a bushcraft pack, I was very pleased. It was made from a good mid weight canvass with hefty buckles as well as snaps. The main pouch was large enough to hold everything needed for a full bushcraft excursion with space to spare. The pack also had one inner pouch as well as three outer pouches on the front of the bag.

Next, there were cards with great promotions on them from companies like TOPs Knives, Dragon Fire Tinderbox, The Pathfinder Knife Shop, Zombie Tinder, and Wazoo Survival Gear. These cards offer amazing discounts and are well worth it! Also inside the box were a few blades. The first was the TOPs Cub. This knife is razor sharp with a 1/8 in thick blade and micarta handle scales. As well as a Mora Pro C with a 3 5/8 inch blade and a molded TPE rubber handle.

The final blade that was in the box was a knife kit from the Pathfinder Knife Shop. It came with roughed out hardwood handle scales, brass tube and pin, and an unfinished blade with a scandi grind. The blade is a 3/16 thick 1095 high carbon steel that will handle some serious use. There is also an instructional DVD to help you learn how to put this knife together. Upon arriving home, I immediately began putting mine together. In just a short time I hade a finished ready to use blade that looks amazing. Finish it off with a leather sheath and you have a lifetime tool that you can depend on.

I was very impressed with the choice of blades in the December Battlbox. The TOPs Cub is a very robust blade that can handle anything you throw at it. Adding the Mora Pro C and the Pathfinder Knife kit makes this an unbeatable value.

Also inside the box was some fatwood with a firecord lanyard from Dragon Fire Tinder Box as well as a wool blanket pin/awl/flint and steel from Zombie Tinder. This came inside of a small just bag that can also double as a fire starter. Inside of small muslin bag was a sharpening stone with a leather lanyard. This is called a Viking Whetstone Pendant and was made by These three items together give you the ability to get a fire going in even the harshest of environments and the ability to care for and maintain the edge on your knife.

Another item in the box was the Bushcraft Bible written by James Henry. So far, inside this box, is enough gear to aid in any bushcraft outing or even a survival situation. With the addition of the Bushcraft Bible, you can start to build an impressive outdoor library that will take you even further with added knowledge. I found the book to be very informative with a lot of useful information for everyone ranging from the novice to the pro. I highly recommend this book; check it out by clicking this link.

At the bottom of the box, I found a very heavy-duty wool blanket. It measures 62 x 80 and has a shrink-resistant treatment. This wool blanket is heavy enough to be used in the extreme cold and is a highly prized piece of gear. Upon testing the blanket out, I find it is not only warm, but very comfortable as well. This is an item you should not be without, even if you plan to leave it in your vehicle as part of a vehicle survival kit, I recommend having one of these blankets.

After reviewing the Battlbox, I find that not only is it an excellent value for your money, but it is also put together with quality gear. This is not one of those kits that you buy with a ton of cheap trinkets that do not work; rather it is a true kit with rugged equipment that you can trust while you are in the field. Feel free to check out for more details.

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