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One day I was searching for foods that I could take with me in the field and not worry too much about spoilage. I had tried quite a few that I had found online, however one stood out at me that I had not yet heard of. When I contacted them they where very polite and professional, as expected and they answered all my questions. I was very curious about this brand, since I was unfamiliar with them. When the package arrived a few weeks later, I wanted to surprise myself and do the first initial video as my very first taste of this company’s products. I decided to try out the sweet and sour chicken sandwich and the apple turnover in the first video. I found it to be a very enjoyable experience and the flavor actually surprised me. With many shelf stable foods, you instantly get that preserved or packaged flavor to go along with them. I did not get that with the first two items I tried from their menu. The bread was very fluffy and the texture was nice, while the overall flavor of the sweet and sour chicken was probably one of the best I have eaten. The apple turnover was very good as well. I found it reminded me of apple pie in flavor and it resembled a toaster pastry. Personally, I thought this was probably the coolest type of food I had found for camping or any other outdoor activity.

Sandwiches on rocks

Here is a list of what was sent to me to sample.

Ready to Eat Sandwiches

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Beef with BBQ Sauce

Italian Sausage with Sauce

Cinnamon Bun

Apple Turnover

French Toast

Ready to Eat Wraps

Mexican Style Beef Filling

Pork with BBQ Sauce

Sandwiches on rocks 3I was sent a pretty good amount to take out and sample. I decided that I would one video a week discussing the foods and sampling them for my YouTube viewers. I though this was a fantastic idea, especially since I made the decision to focus on outdoor foods and cooking for a little while. While I was filming the one thing, I noticed the most about the sandwiches was that when I would tear open the sandwiches or cut them in half the smell would instantly fill my nose. This was fantastic because this told me how fresh the food was and that I knew there was no disappointment. I knew I was in for a treat.

Bridgford Sandwich 1On the packaging, I found some heating instructions. I wanted to demonstrate as much as I could regarding these products. However, this time of year makes using a fire impossible. We are in the time of year where the state imposes fire restrictions to the state. This means that it is not only too dangerous to have any kind or fire, it is also foolish. One spark can send the National Forest up in smoke. Therefore, I found these products to even be perfect for this time of year. Heating, if you wanted to eat your food warm or hot, was as simple as setting it on a rock or out in the sun. Even just eating the sandwiches right out of the packaging was perfect. I didn’t have to worry about lugging a propane stove and fuel with me nor did I have to worry about any kind of preparation. It was as simple as find a spot, sit and eat. This was awesome in my opinion because all the years I have been out in the hot desert, that last thing I want to do is mess around with a bunch of stuff just to eat one meal. That always kind of got under my skin. This way, all I had to do was put the packaging and the wrappers in my pack and move on.

Bridgford Sandwich 3Ok, this where I have to choose which one I liked the best. This was not an easy decision to make. However, I chose the Sweet and Sour Chicken with the Apple Turn Over to be my favorite that I tried from each menu item I tried. Honestly, it was hard to choose especially since I really enjoyed the wraps. Out of those, I have to say that the Pork with BBQ sauce was my favorite. However, the Sweet and Sour Chicken won my vote hands down.

Bridgford wrapI let my wife try these as well. She is not one that is big on this type of food nor is she really into the outdoors. As she sampled each item from the menu, she was grid locked. She ended up choosing the Apple Turnover and the French Toast as her personal favorites. This actually surprised me because she doesn’t like anything that is packaged for long term or that has an extended shelf life. My stepdaughter however, we have similar tastes in foods. She enjoyed the Cinnamon Bun, the Apple Turnover, and the Sweet and Sour Chicken sandwich.

For me, I found the Cinnamon Bun to be my least favorite out of all of them. It was just a little too dry for my personal liking. However, I am not holding that as a strike against it because the flavor was awesome. Out of the sandwiches and wraps, I really didn’t have a least favorite out of those. Nutritionally speaking, I find these to be right on par with where they should be as far as daily calorie intake, sodium, and others. To make a product that can be enjoyed in the field such as Bridgford Foods, they hit the mark with these in my opinion. I found these to be nutritious, great tasting, and satisfying sandwiches that will kill hunger while in the field. If they come out with more menu items or if there are any I have not tried, I am hoping to be able to sample them and add them to different articles and videos in the future.

             BBQ Beef Cross Section Apple Turnover Cross Secion of Sandwich


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