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Recently, I received a few items from Gearbest to test and use in the field. I was given the opportunity to choose a few items that I wanted to take into the field and test. I browsed the site for a bit, then decided to go for the Alocs Stove, the Keith Titanium Cup, and the 600D Oxford Fabric Tactical Backpack Cross body Bag. I felt pretty confident in my choices based on the materials in which the products were made.


Starting with the Cross Body Bag, as soon as I pulled it out of the package I instantly loved it. For a bag like this to cost around 10 bucks, I was shocked. I looked over the construction, straps, stitching, and even the zippers. I firmly believe that it would be difficult to find a better deal anywhere online. I chose the bag based on my personal preference of using smaller bags to carry the most needed gear into the field. I prefer to keep everything as light as I can. This way, I can save my back and have a bag I can put on and take off quickly. Being that I live in a desert, I also felt that the Khaki color fit the best. The added bonus; I felt, was the strap could be removed or tucked in to a pouch on the back, then secured out of the way. This turns the bag into a nice carry bag with a handle. The Cross body Bag also has many extra attachment points from rings to molle webbing. These make adding extra pouches and gear a breeze.


Next, is the Alocs stove. This item I found to be a very useful tool to throw into my gear bag. It is lightweight and will work with a variety of pots and pans. It comes in its own stuff sack to keep the kit organized while not in use the lid has an “O” ring seal that allows you to carry fuel in the stove with no leaks. There is also a “snuffer” to place over the burner to put out the flames when finished. The stand for the stove is made from lightweight anodized aluminum with allows for pots and pans that are over 4 inches in diameter. However, I have used the burner in other stoves to make it an even more versatile kit item. I used it in my old chicken tin stove as well as the Emberlit with great success.


I used the stove many times during the course of this review. I would use it in the field as well as at home to make hot chocolate and coffee. I even used it on a few occasions to make soup in my larger Ranger cook pot. Each time I found it to be very efficient in fuel use as well as fairly quick to cook up a small meal.


Next, we have the Keith Titanium cup. This small 400 ml cup (roughly 13.5 oz) has made a home in my outdoor gear. The folding wire handles even fit my big hands! With the edition of the lid, it is by far one of the best deals I have ever found on a titanium cup. With a 20 dollar price tag, it would difficult to find (yes, again) a better deal anywhere on line. The only drawback to the cup is that it will not fit on the Alocs stove. This however, is not an issue because it works beautifully with my chicken tin stove.


My final thoughts on these products are this:

For the money, it is difficult to find better gear anywhere. The quality is not bad and they are rugged as well. In the times we are now living in, being able to buy gear at reasonable price is a huge benefit to all of us in the outdoor community.


Check out the videos below to see more of these products.


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