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 Mountain House Pack CloseupI have gotten to where I like to carry some kind of easily prepared meal with me while in the field. In most cases, it will be a freeze-dried meal like that from Mountain House. They are lightweight, fit in just about any pack, and prepare very quickly. They have a huge menu selection that consists of breakfast foods, lunch, and dinner. Being able to pack and carry a full meal like this out into the field to me is priceless. While hiking on many occasions I have stopped on the top of a ridge to set up camp for the night. With this type of activity level, a quick nourishing meal is a life safer. I know of many people that carry these in their bug out bags and stock their pantries with these meals. I prefer to keep a couple in my vehicle in case of a breakdown and even one in my pack to eat while camping.

 Cooking Mountain HouseMy first experience with Mountain House was about five years ago. I was sent a couple of meals to try out and do a video review. I had never tried them until that point in time and I was very happy with the quality of the meals. The first meal I tried was eggs and bacon, right then I was hooked. It was by far the freshest tasting breakfast I ever had while in the field.

 My favorite method of preparation is to simply boil some water in a pot, then add to the pouch and seal it back up. Once this sits for 10 to 15 minutes your breakfast, lunch, or dinner is ready. Before pouring in the water…make sure you remove the desiccate pack. You don’t want to eat that!

 On a more recent trip, I went with my son and his friend. The morning was fairly chilly and the knight was cold for late July. I heated up some water in one of my stainless steel cook pots and added the boiling water to the pouch. On the menu this morning was beef stroganoff. Once it was finished reconstituting it was just the thing to take the nip out of the morning air. This with my early morning cup of coffee cannot be beat.

 Tyler Mountain House 2Since the packages have zip seals on them, I have found I like to clean them out and use them over again for a few different things. I have packed small survival kits inside, this aid in water proofing them or anything else that may need to be protected. These also make decent water buckets and water storage containers for camp. I have also found that utensils and even small pots, pans, or even bowls can be washed inside of these when hot water is added. It is not unusual to see a couple of these empty pouches neatly rolled up inside of one of my kits. There are methods to my madness.

 Mountain House in the last few years has become a household name at my house. For camping, hiking, survival, bushcraft, and any other outdoor activity these meals are usually taken along. For the price, shelf life, and size alone these should really be considered for any storage program. For natural disaster prep, these cannot be beat, in my opinion, these are better than any other brand on the market and taste better to boot.

In the area I live, there is a real possibility of being evacuated due to a forest fire. This and the sheer distance I live from the store is reason enough for me to have at least a few weeks of these on hand. You just don’t know what might happen and being prepared for what could happen in your area will put you that much a head of the game.