TOPS Turley Model 23 and the Mini Alert


tuly23_add2I found both the TOPS Turley Model 23 and the TOPS Mini Alert to be great back up survival blades as well as EDC (Everyday Carry) blades. The kit that comes with the Turley Model 23 is well thought out and can be used alone or can augment the gear you are already carrying. When I took the kit out to test it I had no difficulties with any of the items. They were all pretty straight forward and to the point. The Model 23 knife is pretty small and can be attached to a stick by either lashing it in place with paracord or cinching it in place with hose clamps. I like the idea of being able to do this with this tool. This will allow you to save space in the kit yet give the ability to make a larger handle for the knife. Watch the video below to get a good idea as to the blades and kit contents.



    Open Kit with Serv Tac

This is a photo of the Surv Tac with the TOPS Kit laid out so you can see the components. This kit has been used for over a year and I am pleased with the results each and every time I use it. By looking at the blades you can see that they have been well used. This is what I like to when it comes to good gear. Below is a couple of photos of the Mini Alert. I have found this to be a very versatile blade for EDC.

TOPS Mini Alrt 4

This small blade is capable of a lot of chores. From opening packages to cleaning and preparing fish and small game that has been trapped or caught. The edge on this knife is at  just the right angle to preform these types of tasks. The wallet that the blade comes in is also a cool item. The knife is housed in a small pouch on the back side keeping well out view until you pull it out.

TOPS Mini Alert

A close up of the Mini ALRT, the cord attached the back side makes a handy lanyard to help pull the blade from the sheath. With the added jimping on the top spine I find that there is no slipping while the blade is in use. Overall it it a very unique and comfortable knife to use anytime a small blade is required.